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September 20, 2011


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Tips to help you get number 1!

I thought I would share some news about a few recent number 1s my sites have achieved. They are both number 1 for their primary keywords (which also bring in the most traffic). It goes without saying that I am pretty chuffed with the results :-) At the end of this post, I will share a few of my own personal observations as to what can help you climb up those rankings and get to number one yourself! If you’re really eager, then I guess you could scroll down a little further…otherwise…hear me out. Please!

Firstly, this post is NOT about boasting, but about inspiring anyone who is struggling with SEO that it can be done and you can improve.

I’ll be brave and admit something here myself. I was never the best at SEO – but have made massive improvements this year. I’ve improved a lot because I have made a determined effort to learn. I’m still far from where I want to be, and know there is so much to discover. Hell, it’s impossible to stop learning. I’ve learnt by browsing internet forums, but most importantly, experimenting myself. That is without doubt the best way to learn. Try things and monitor. Sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes your rankings climb! One person who has given me many tips and who really really knows their SEO stuff is my good online friend Mansoor – I would recommend you check out his blog for some solid advice (shame he’s not updating it at the minute!).

How have I personally improved?

Whilst in the past I would optimise my on-site SEO and blindly use a select few link-building methods (and just repeat them when I could be bothered), I now have a good idea as to what Google likes and dislikes in terms of both on-site and off-site SEO.

Only one out of my many sites was really hammered by Panda. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t due to the link-building either, but rather the content. It should be easy for me to get the rankings back, and I plan on getting all the content on that particular site rewritten soon.

What terms am I number 1 for?

So here’s some details about two number 1 successes. I won’t be sharing the keywords or my sites though (for obvious reasons). However, I will paint a picture and describe the competitiveness of these terms.


  • Keyword details – 18,000 exact searches. 7 million competing pages.
  • I purchased the domain new, but it already had a few links in place from before and was first registered 3 years back. 5 months to get it number 1.
  •  Keyword details – 8,000 exact searches. 5 million competing pages.
  • I purchased the domain name brand new. It is exact match but with “uk” at the end of the term. Just over 4 months to get it to number 1.

If you know anything about SEO, you will know that both sites were targeting difficult keywords. In other words, I was not trying to rank for something that is not searched for or has no competition.

By the way, I had INTENDED both sites to get number 1. Set yourself goals and aims, otherwise you will only settle for second best.

But I don’t want to spend too much time about my success, but want to talk about what YOU can do to increase your rankings.

A few practical tips that can get you number 1 position too

  • Follow the Quality GuidelinesFirstly, get clued up on what Google dislikes. It does not like rewritten content or sites with spammy backlinks. Your efforts will go to waste unless you fully understand the Quality Guidelines, as you may be making mistakes without realising it.
  • Trust Is Important – Funny I mention this when both sites were set up new recently. But Google does like trust. One way is to have a domain with age, but it can be achieved other ways too. If you can, submit your site to a directory like Yahoo. You should also post some content regularly and do a press release. Don’t fill your site with too many advertisements, and affiliate links. Sometimes it is a good idea to have no affiliate links until your site starts ranking well.
  • Good Content – Especially after the Panda update earlier this year, make sure your content is 100% original and aim to have good information on your site. It helps if you are posting content regularly.
  • Avoid Low Quality Backlinking – Avoid too much of it anyway. If you are thinking of blasting your site to number 1 with thousands of links from forum profiles and article directories, it won’t happen. Not with a new site anyway. Chances are you will drop down the rankings and quick.
  • Focus On Contextual Backlinks - This is probably the best backlinking advice I can give. Focus on contextual backlinks. Do your research and find methods of point links to your site or blog like this in a natural way within the sentence. Make that link your primary keyword, and you will see some great results.

These are just a few general tips I have followed. I’ll be posting more specific tips soon. Develop your SEO strategy based on the above, and you will get good results.

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