Putting Life In Perspective

September 3, 2011


This is only my second post ever on my blog, but I am already deviating from the theme of “internet marketing”! Is that a record? Rather now than later though – as I’m sure most of my posts will be on topic once this blog picks up! I have still not promoted this blog yet, but have promised to get down to that part soon ;-)

So what am I talking about when I name this post “Putting Life In Perspective”?

A recent event has prompted me to look at life more deeply. It’s resurfaced some thoughts I have always had, but made me realise that I best start practising what I believe.

Sadly and tragically, the young brother of a friend recently passed away in a car pile up on the motorway. He was very young, and passed away through no fault of his own. It’s made me think just what life is, and how it can end any minute, literally. It’s also made me think of my greater purpose and what I wish to accomplish.

This was my Facebook status today and it sums up in my own words my thoughts right now in 420 characters (the maximum Facebook allows for a status in case you’re wondering):

“The simple fact is any one of us could be gone any minute. Learn to appreciate those close to you, and try to respect everyone else. Forget the petty arguments, and save your hatred for a cause more meaningful. There will always be a few who disrespect you, do not engage with them. Life is too short. Each minute spent hating, is a minute you could spend doing something of value or appreciating the ones who mean most.”

No matter what pursuits we are involved in, or what goals we are trying to achieve, or what passions we are trying to live, the basic facts should not be forgotten. Life is a gift, that should be appreciated. Indeed, life is precious. Not just our life, but the lives of those who are close to us and beyond. If you have people in your life who mean something to you, which you undoubtedly will, do not let the busyness of life or the determination you have in succeeding, let you forget them.

My own determination to succeed arises not just out of being able to live my life well, but to also be able to provide for my family. Too often in life we miss the bigger picture, and are too occupied with one certain aspect of it. I have always believed, and will always believe, that the key to living a happy life is to have a nice balance between all the things that are most important to you. I also think that this will ultimately help you succeed quicker as you will be “happier”.

A few thoughts about money

Money is great, but I do not believe that it should ever be the foundation of your life. Obsession with money is dangerous. It should never be the object or purpose of your life, but simply the means to let you live your life as you wish and to let you achieve your true goals and objectives.

I also do not believe money is the root of all evil. I believe money allows a person to live their life and amplify their personality. Therefore if a person is corrupt, more money will let them be more corrupt. Similarly, a well intentioned and good person will not become evil because of money – they will always be that person.

A few final words

Discover your true passions and purposes and live your life accordingly. Stay determined, but never forget the basic facts of what life is, and never forget to put life into perspective. Try to live a balanced life, and ultimately you will be happier and “richer” as a result of it.

Thank you for reading this. I find it refreshing to be able to share some of my thoughts, and I’m sure someone will read this one day :-)

Very soon, I will start posting some affiliate marketing advice and reviews of programs and software that I have been using – so hopefully you do not make the mistake of purchasing some of them. Keep an eye out!! ;-)


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