My Single Biggest Commission Ever

September 12, 2011

Affiliate Marketing

Wow, it’s been 7 days since my last post on this blog! Anyway, I thought I’d write a little something to do with commissions for all those who are into affiliate marketing.

Below is a screenshot of what I believe is my single biggest commission ever! But before that, I wanted to quickly talk about the different strategies you can use to make money online through affiliate marketing.

It all starts with choosing a niche (product or item) that you want to promote. There are undoubtedly many different factors that will affect this decision, including but not limited to, personal interest, competition, potential conversion rates, and average affiliate commissions.

The last factor is the one I want to discuss! Do you consider how much money you will make if there is a successful sale when deciding what niche to choose? If you don’t, then you REALLY should and I’ll tell you why :-)

Promoting items that have a low commission rate “can” make it harder to achieve an income that you will be happy with. Now do not take this literally, as it is a massive generalisation. There are plenty of affiliates who make gazillions promoting low commission items or services. Yet they are playing the volume game, and are getting thousands of visitors and converting a good deal many of them in order to get those high numbers.

This is a perfectly sound strategy to make a good income. However, sometimes it is a good idea to think BIG. I believe that too many affiliates are happy promoting low priced items on Amazon (or something similar) without even thinking how much potential there is in promoting high priced items or “high ticket” products.

Have you ever considered the latter approach?

I used to be content with promoting items that were low to mid-range in terms of commissions. So my average commission per sale generally has always averaged between £1.00 to £30.00.

But thanks to a massive sale last month, my mind is now thinking of the opportunities of going for high ticket affiliate products. Definitions for high ticket will vary, but I would consider any single commission above £100 ($160) to be in that range. Although no doubt many will disagree, and will be thinking MUCH higher.

I am now starting to think bigger and looking to start targeting items that will let me make money like this in a single sale. It’s true to say that conversion rates will probably not be as good, but a single sale can offset the hundreds of non-buying visitors sent. At the end of the day, it is the EPC that matters – but if it’s easier to get a high EPC promoting high priced items, then why work so hard pushing cheap products?

My single biggest ever commission

Ok, so here’s a screenshot. The commission is from Very, and it was the sale of jewellery – are you starting to think big?! I will be honest and admit that I have not yet been paid for this transaction, and there is a 30% chance it will be rejected based on average Very validation rates. But the fact is, someone who clicked on my link decided to spend BIG.

How I would love to have a transaction like that every day!

My advice to you…and myself!

That one transaction has made me re-think my strategy. I will not be abandoning my websites anytime soon, but I will now be giving serious though to the type of high ticket products I can promote and possibly creating a new site or two in the next few months.

If you already target a niche which has the potential to sell expensive items, then I would say, stop assuming everyone is looking for something cheap. There are people out there who have money to spend (waste) and they are happy to do it on the internet. Try promoting a very expensive product or two, and monitor your results. You may very well surprise yourself – just do not forget to send me an email when it works ;-)

But I’ll be honest, it is also about the CONVERSION rates 

More than anything, it is not just about how much commission a sale makes, but ultimately, the conversion rates.

And I’ll be doing a post about this sometime, about how you can increase your income by targeting terms or products that have HUNGRY buyers, which makes your job much easier. Ultimately, it is the EPC (earnings per click) that matters. My own personal aim for every website I make and every product I promote is to try and achieve an EPC of £1.00, which is about $1.60.

I often do not achieve this, and in some cases do – but it is an aim to ensure that I am making good money from visitors that click links on my sites.

Final thoughts…

I hope this post has given you something to think about. As you know, the potential commission levels are not the only thing to consider and it would be foolish to ignore other factors. But, with this post I wanted to highlight why you should think big and not be afraid to do so! I would say that many people promote lower priced items not because they have found a brilliant niche, but because they cannot envision receiving those big lump sum commissions. Do not be one of them. Anything is possible ;-)

Thank you for reading, and please subscribe, I promise the best stuff is yet to come!


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