The Downfall Of iSnare Article Distribution

September 5, 2011

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A quick review of a once powerful distribution service!

I received an email this morning! When I say morning I mean early early morning – a few hours before there are any signs of me waking up. I have actually received a few such emails from iSnare recently. So I thought I would do a quick post about this service which I once used passionately, and maybe suggest a few alternatives.

If you are wondering what iSnare is, it is actually a highly regarded article directory (like EzineArticles) but it also has an optional article distribution service. This is a paid option. You buy credits and can then distribute any article you post on the directory, so that it is posted on other directories, blogs and websites. This is a form of article marketing done for link building purposes (if you are ultra new to internet marketing).

Here’s the email I got:

isnare review

And you will understand why I am naming this post “The Downfall” when I put the above email into context. I received this email today, but I actually have NO real recollection of when I posted the article on the directory and chose to distribute it. And the reason for that is, because, it has been well over a year!

That’s right – iSnare is emailing me to let me know they have distributed an article today (05/09/2011), which I actually posted probably two years ago! As I said, I have no real recollection, that’s how long it has been. When I was first introduced to iSnare, it only used to take one or two weeks for an article to be distributed. If that is not a downfall, then what is?

But I still love iSnare

Why? I started using iSnare around late 2008, when it used to be a very powerful tool indeed. It was addictively good, but when I think back I know I was not utilising it to its fullest. I was still very new to affiliate marketing and article marketing back then, but even still, it did wonders for some of my sites.

All I would do is write a 500 word article, include a few relevant anchor text links to my websites in the signature, and distribute. I purchased credits and distributed a number of articles. Probably not as many as I should have, but enough to see some very good results in Google. When I targeted a page on my websites, it would jump up in the rankings. This would sometimes get me in the top 10, even though many of the pages I was linking to only had a couple of sentences. A few sentences on a page is never a good idea, but in my defence I was still a newbie :-)

So it taught me a lot about how effective certain methods of link building can be. And for that experience, and the results I got in Google, I love iSnare and always will!

But things would never be the same

Ask anyone who has used iSnare, and they will tell you of their disappointment of this once great service. Put it this way, I still have unused credits in my account. I am not sure when the exact time of the downfall was, but it was probably around the second half of 2009. The iSnare service became abysmal, and the results were nowhere near as good. For some reason, the service was neglected and less and less people used it. The downfall was painful no doubt. At first iSnare would distribute an article a few weeks late, then it became months, and now from my results, it looks like years!

The other problem is, it has become less effective gradually. Even before the notorious Panda update this year. Going back to 2009, I noticed it was not doing the job it once did. And due to the delayed distribution times, I have completely stopped using it. Well so I thought, apparently my articles are still being distributed today. Articles I must have posted well over a year ago!

But who knows, I’ll monitor the results just in case it does some wonders for me ;-)

A few alternatives

Ok, so the point of this post was not just to cry about the downfall of a once mighty iSnare, but to also suggest a few possible alternatives. As I said, I no longer use it. However, I have used Unique Article Wizard (UAW) and Article Ranks (AR) to some success in more recent months. UAW distributes your articles to blogs in the network and article directories. AR just posts to blogs in the network. From these two, I would say that Article Ranks has the edge right now based on my experiences. However, before subscribing to these services you want to do your research! I also regularly use Article Marketing Robot. This I believe is a must for anyone who wants to utilise article marketing for link building purposes. It is highly regarded by many internet marketers. It is cheap and does the job.

Full reviews for these services will be posted sometime, I can assure you. But you may want to look into them if you want an alternative to the iSnare article distribution service.

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  1. Dennis Says:

    This is great because i’ve been trying to figure out wether I should continue with isnare or use something else such as submityourarticle. I’m still a newbie and learning the ropes so we’ll see how the results go and keep you posted, thanks for the article again.

    The anxious athlete


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