Is Accurate Pricing Important?

October 3, 2011

Affiliate Marketing

Answer: YES, YES, YES!

accurate pricesPlease keep reading, otherwise, follow my advice and remember that accurate pricing is very important when it comes to affiliate websites – especially price comparison websites.

This is one of them quick short posts, where I want to share something I have discovered very recently. The results have surprised me, and honestly, I did not expect them to be so conclusive either.

Before delving into the topic, I want to ask you a few questions…are you ready? Take a DEEP breath…ok here we go!

Are you making the most of the traffic you are getting?

Are you updating your websites?

Are you focusing on CONVERSION?

Conversion is key, and you should really start paying attention to it. Too often affiliate marketers are so busy in trying to get more traffic to their website by working on SEO or other methods, they completely overlook the little things.

One of the best ways to convert more of your traffic to click and buy using your affiliate link, is to be accurate. In the past I have discovered the importance of accurately describing the product or service, hence the need of good accurate reviews or content. If you hire writers, it is important you check that the information is correct.

But some recent results have astounded me.

Here’s the story (there’s always a story behind my posts)

I set up a comparison website promoting certain products in a niche, just over a year ago. A few months ago, the traffic of this website really started to increase due to my SEO campaign. However, whilst I had been working on this website in respect to optimising it for the search engines and building backlinks, I had neglected properly updating it. This is because for the first few months, traffic was so low it did not warrant constant updating. However, just a few months back the traffic doubled and then doubled again.

I made a note to myself – update this website!

The pricing was completely inaccurate

Shamefully, I kept delaying the updating bit. Funnily enough, over the year I had been adding blog posts every few weeks but never got around to doing anything else.

One thing which I had completely overlooked was the pricing of the products. I had affiliate links set-up, however, the pricing was out of date as you can imagine. It had not been updated since I first started the site.

I updated the pricing on my site!

Finally, I did it. I checked the product pricing and made sure all the information was accurate too. I wanted to make sure my visitors were getting the correct information before they clicked through.

The results – they have astounded me…

I have noticed my sales increase for all my merchants in the last few weeks since the pricing update! I had assumed this would have no major impact, because…much information out there would have you believe that getting the visitor to click is the most IMPORTANT thing. Not so. I used to think, ok as long as they click the affiliate offer, they will get the correct information on the merchant’s website.

But my results have shown a MASSIVE increase in sales, and I must stress that traffic has remained the same. I made the changes to my website on the 20th of September. This is the information for ONE merchant only:

Sales Over A 12 Day Period

Period Clicks Sales Conversion
08/09 to 20/09 143 2 1.4%
21/09 to 03/10 217 11 5.07%

WOW – I actually didn’t realise the massive difference until I logged into just now to get the data! I had a feeling it was big, but not that big. That is a HUGE difference. From a conversion rate of 1% to now 5%…I rest my case!!

You might be wondering why there are more clicks in the second 10 day period. Well, when I updated my site, I also made this particular merchant a little more prominent on the website.

What do you think? If you read this, please let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic?

I’m still trying to take all of this in ;-)

Wait a minute though…

These are my results for one particular merchant in a particular niche. I know correct pricing would increase conversions for every affiliate, however I could not say that the results will be similar to mine. For my other merchants, sales have increased, but not to this extent.

But implement the underlying principle of accurate pricing and correct data, and watch your commissions increase. Through the roof, in some cases even!! :-)


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