£165 In One Day From 5 Minutes Of Work

Did the post title catch your attention? I hope it did!

Firstly – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you a fantastic 2012

Wow – it has been a VERY VERY long time since I updated this blog. I’ve kind of forgot how to write in a blogging type manner! But to make up for my absence, I’ll be sharing exactly what I did to make £165 on Friday the 13th of January 2012, from only 5 minutes of work. I must stress that this was not income from my sites, but this was actually earned from something I did…which took me…err…5 minutes!!

A quick explanation as to where I have been…

Well nowhere interesting really! But I have had quite a busy few months, but also during periods done absolutely nothing! I’m still running with a “student” mindset, where I will have a productive week or two, and then do jack all or very little for a week or two. My plans now are to become very consistent, and I am looking forward to working more (seriously I am!) :-)

Having said that, I have spent much time re-evaluating the direction I am heading myself personally in terms of business and internet marketing. More on that another time. I’m extremely excited about 2012 and the challenges that are ahead of me!

My plans with this blog…

As you can probably tell, this blog is not a priority. I did have a very strong urge to start blogging, however my plans were always to take it easy for the first year or so. Sometime later this year, I will be completely revamping it. Possibly (probably) disclosing more information about myself! The fact is – no one takes you seriously in the blogging world unless you share results (income), show a face and generally seem “open”. I’m probably not ticking any of these boxes at the minute, hence why this blog does not get read much.

But I’m ok with that. Building an online profile and blogging on a serious level, is not a priority at the minute. But it will sure be nice to come back to this blog when things change. That will either be later in 2012, or possibly early Next Year.

So back to the main bit…

This is what I did on Friday to earn £165 from only 5 minutes of work

It’s all down to….email marketing.

One very effective way to earn money is to collect emails and then send relevant offers.

This is something which is utilised to the maximum in the “how to make money online” niche, if any of you have ever signed up to a “how to make money online” newsletter or purchased a “how to make money online” ebook! Ok, you get the point!

Examples can be seen in many areas of affiliate and internet marketing – the idea is to build a list (list building) whereby you collect email addresses (normally with the name of the person) and can then either sell your own product or services to them, or in my case, send them relevant affiliate offers.

I’ve been collecting emails in a finance related niche, on a particular website, for a few months now. The size of my list is around 5,000, not huge but not bad! If you’re wondering which software I use to collect emails, it’s Aweber – highly recommended at an affordable price (you only pay more if your list grows!).

I’m guessing you can see where this is heading…

So I sent out an affiliate offer on Friday

I’ve done this before, but on Friday got some excellent results which I thought I would share on here. It’s a finance type of list, and so I sent an email offer of “Quick Credit Score” – they offer a free trial to allow the user to view their credit score, but request credit card details and charge after the free trial is up.

I went into Aweber, and clicked on broadcast (how you send out mass mail) – I chose to send it to the whole of my list.

The actual email was simple to form because I used the same text provided by the sample email creative (the affiliate network I used was The Slice although this offer is also available on Affiliate Window) – I simple reworded it a little, and then directly below the text I also copy and pasted the provided HTML which shows attractive graphics.

I did this to appeal to both types of people! The first half was just plain text with a link to the offer. A bit like the style of this blog.

The part below in the email, was VERY graphicy and entices certain people to click and find out more.

It literally took me 5 minutes. I created an email “Subject” (what the person sees in their inbox) which was enticing and also personalised. I did this by instructing Aweber to include their name (which they provided to sign up on the website).

The Results

Ok here, are the results! Firstly from Aweber – they show how well the email broadcast was responded to!

Ok, I’ve had to make the image smaller to fit it in here.

But hopefully it is readable!

It shows all the Stats, including how many people the email was sent to, how many opened it and how many clicked on the affiliate link inside.

In all honesty - the open and click rate are not the best I’ve had! I’ve been experimenting in the past month and have had an open rate of more than 20% and click rate of more than 15% (of the total subscribers)

There were a few complaints though for this email – first time it has exceeded 0.1%

The subject I chose was “(Name), Your Free Credit Report Trial”

Now onto the money bit – how much revenue did this email generate. Firstly look at the time 6:37am above (this is USA time) – when the email was sent out.

Ok, ignore the first transaction as it had nothing to do with this email campaign.

And you’ll see that the first sale was made 4 minutes after my email was sent out!

3 more followed in the same hour.

And the total from this email broadcast on Friday was 11 – a total of £165, approved revenue from 5 minutes of work!

My Aweber screenshot shows 111 clicks, but the number of unique clicks was more like 90 (people click twice on the same links for some odd reason)

So effectively the conversion rate was a massive 12% and the EPC was about £1.80 

My list obviously responded very well to this particular offer. Remember, relevance is key and very important. Though it is a numbers game – and you could send out almost any offer and probably get some conversions if your list is large enough.

This is something you can do too…

I really hope this post is useful! I hope it has given you some ideas and introduced a different way of making money from affiliate marketing.

I’ll be honest – I’m a complete beginner when it comes to earning money this way. Still learning the trade – but thought I would share some of my early results.

If you have a blog or website which is getting a lot of visitors, then start collecting emails! Offer something FREE to entice them to sign up. Build it up over a few months, or even a year, and you could have some nice numbers.

You can even create a website for the sole purpose of collecting emails.

One idea might be to say “Enter your email to view this offer” – display no other links, and of course make the user aware they will be signed up to a newsletter.

You can then use Aweber to create an automatic email which is sent out as soon as they enter their email address. And then, also email other relevant affiliate offers from time to time, maybe twice a week or whatever you think is acceptable.

Hope this helps, and thank you for reading :-)

Until next time (I’ll try my best to make sure that it’s not another 2 and half months!!)

Kamran :-)

P.S – if you found this useful or even remotely interesting, please comment, subscribe, share.


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  1. Bill Davis Says:

    Great information to use for email marketing! Great job. I especially like how you included proof. That is huge when you’re building credibility.

    Now, post more often! :) and people will begin following your blog. And once in a while, send out emails that don’t promote anything but rather send people back to your blog.


  2. jim Says:

    Interesting read. I know people always say the money is in the list, but this shows the possibilities. thanks for sharing.


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